How Do I Vacuum My Rug

Nov 19, 2020

Dakota Fine Rug Cleaning - How To Vacuum

Keep it Looking like the Piece of Art it is.

Hooray! You are the proud owner of a beautiful area rug, be it synthetic or natural fiber.

It is recommended that rug cleaning and carpet cleaning be done at least annually when exposed to heavy traffic. Vacuuming is your area rugs best friend when done correctly.

To get the most dirt out of your area rug, turn the rug upside down and vacuum the back with a rotating brush/beater bar type vacuum cleaner first. This vibrates the loose dirt and debris to the top of the fibers and when you vacuum the top the appearance of the rug can improve a lot.

For Synthetic area rugs using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush/beater bar on both sides of the rug is fine.

For Wool area rugs vacuum the topside with suction only. A rotating brush/beater bar can remove some of the finer fibers.

Fringes should also be vacuumed with suction only.

Area rugs should be vacuumed at least once a week and vacuuming of the top & back sides at least once a month. Doing this along with rotating the rug 180 degrees occasionally, to distribute wear and soiling evenly, will help to extend the life of your area rugs. Don’t forget that area rugs on hard surfaces should have a pad under them to avoid excess wear.

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