Know Your Rug

The most important thing about your rug is that you love it.
When we love something we want only the best for it. Handmade rugs become part of your family as they may last generations and especially if you treat them well. Let’s start with the basic care.
1) Vacuum with a straight vacuum( no rolling brushes) weekly

2) At least once a year flip it over and vacuum from the back.

3) Hand wash at every 2 years for heavy traffic at least every 5 years for less.

4) Repair damages when small, better for your rug and better for your wallet.

5) Get an appraisal for your rug to be sure of its origin and value.

Continuing Education

Nov 15th

David  became a WoolSafe Approved Fiber Care Specialist and Dakota Fine Rug Cleaning is now a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider. This creditdantion comes after 30 + chapters of WoolSafe training education and passing the final exam. For any area rug or fine textile care is the place that offers “Boutique Care for the Rugs You Love”

Moth Month and Area rugs

Bugs, Rugs and Storage.
Those bad little critters that can eat up your loved rugs usually hatch around the end of May in South Dakota. Rugs that are improperly stored can need costly repair or be ruined. Rugs that were improperly stored by their owners for years may provide an unbeknownst meal for bugs. Moths like dark dirty places.

Other rugs that have been down on the floor for years without being moved or vacuumed, like areas under furniture, are also at high risk of damage from moths and beetles.

Never store a dirty rug.

We offer moth and pest treatments along with proper storage measures after your rug cleaning.